About more than 5 years ago, I wished to write down a couple of words, sitting at my study table, about anything that will pop into my head right away. And you wouldn’t want to believe that I ended up in despair.In a mordacious way, I nodded, got up and left the room. It isn’t to make a case study for this little scary wimpy kid’s improvement over the past few years but the priorities he opted for is of more interest. That change made me more than someone who can turn a blank screen into overwhelming words. Not because I’m now the best, you can agree or disagree, but the path on which I encroach upon led me the success over that fearful boy-me.

A recent literacy festival 2016 held at the Green Hill academy in Uganda marked the day as the process of learning by other methodologies. The managing director, Nina Milne, told the parents that there are also other methods like seeing and hearing which make the kids learn well, while some students and children can learn effectively by touching things.
It is actually the path which anyone can adopt to carve out the best out of him/herself. Once that obscure trail is located then it’s easy to figure out the rest.

We learn things by adapting ourselves to the environment and by denouncing the ways that are less charming with no fruitful result in the end. This is how our demands change. And interestingly, this is in line with the behaviourly-oriented definition of Intelligence, that urge you to let in the gaining from the previous experiences or adapt to the environment.

Why is such understanding important? Is it a quite well topic to draw in more people to achieve whatever cause behind it?  Society is more than what we expect, It could be lauding you and at the same time jeering at you. It can’t be ignored in the role played by it. We don’t know what is going to happen the next moment to the people who we are talking to, How his/her behaviour changes and what he/she will go for. This makes a case not to sit on any change that can make you a rare one.

Unless we have tried something new, we can’t expect to be on the best way. We’ll be responsible for the storm that we unleash in ourselves, and we’ll be paying back, not a buck certainly, but bearing the repercussions .


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