Are you bored of routine and the people around you? Why there is no one to get you to the same level of determination and vigorous will? If you are still in the ring and searching for motivation to strike hard again, then Sultan is out to get you back on the track.

Yes, the new Bollywood movie you were hearing about for a long time (Not so long by the way).  I can’t wait to give you an insight of the movie.  I just watched Sultan with popcorn in hands. Whether you are way less effective in your dealings with the clients and just need ebullience to try new strategies, or the night-shift—hours of your earning time—is wading off your mood. Then Sultan; a nearly three hour watch will charge you again.  This movie is not just about looking your favorite star in action; it teaches you some lessons (Good one, of course!).

You Will Fail To Have A Great Career

It is kind of a weird thing because the one who fails has already been kicked in the balls. How on earth he will have a great career? I made a mistake including this one? Not really! The problem is not the failure itself; it is the turning back once you fail. If you stopped, the moment you were declared loser, you actually failed. But if you are pulling the cart next time again with greater force, trust me, you are great. You’ll learn the top and bottom of everything after the first failed attempt.  The one who doesn’t make it in the first one will likely learn more—a lesson that no one will teach you but the failure.

Workout with Zest is the Key to Success

Watch Sultan Ali khan ( Salman Khan) who was heaped scorn on by Aarfa Hussain (Anushka Sharma) for having no goal and status in life ( You too wouldn’t have goals if you tried to entice a pehlawan-girl). He could have easily rested in home lamenting the whole life but instead of losing the courage, he took the bow and aim at the target with an arrow (Not like the Hunter Game).

It became a life and death situation for Sultan. If you failed and think the world ends here, Sultan proved you wrong. It is time to stop spinning your wheels. Don’t wait for the right moment to strike. Start your project, workout it, practice it, and never give up because practice is hard to continue but not impossible to keep on.

Pride Hath Fall

If you think humility is the quality of weak people, then don’t expect to earn a long term reward for what you do because you will fail—something very precious may leave your company. I was quite emotional when Sultan was on that track—when he lost his new born baby. If you want a great life then it is non-sense to go for your passion so wildly that you forget your relations—with your friends, families, near and dears, and lovers.

Sometime you need to avoid your friends and relatives for sometime so to focus more on your goals, but doing so for superiority is wrong.  Treat other with compassion, get them along with you. Make your relations stronger. And never try to impose your ruthless ideas on other.

Love Yourself and the World Will Love You

Have you ever heard of Boxer Muhammad Ali? I bet you know him. He knew the world really well. Muhammad Ali was a man of challenges; he did every battle of Boxing with perfection because he loved himself.

People who made the history didn’t end up ruining their lives. To them, the life was everything—a life where there is love and peace, with no self destruction.

If you’re just pushing your time and think that working hard won’t put you on the top rack then you hate yourself (Don’t fool yourself). If you love yourself, you would do things worth loving in life. There will be no one pointing at you. But instead, people will praise you. You will be a thumbs-up person for everyone.

A Step By Step Coaching Will Get You Moving

Many people think that in the world of ubiquitous technology, wasting your resources on coaching and mentoring is bad. To those people, just one thing: how many young boys in the world get education without attending schools? It is not about the advancement and everything that will leave you learning on yourself.

This is all about the people who have learnt things the hard way. They have the techniques to make you on the top with a formula that only they know. If Sultan had got no coaching and he wasn’t motivated to learn (specially, agar mein jeeta tu app mujhe ye wala gur sikhayengay, sorry) there would be no single man to know him. Every field has these veterans who know exactly how to carve out you perfectly.

What you learnt from Sultan? Was that the “romantic scene” (was there any?), or the song “Baby ko base pasand hai?” Speak your mind and update me on what made you to watch Sultan.


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