Many people think it’s fair to follow what other do. But there may be an increased risk if you simply hold onto these beliefs without any concern for your health. Drinking water right after workout may be a good idea—and most of us do that—but it may give you serious health disorder. There are many such other usual things that need attention otherwise it may leave you in bed. There are 5 things that you must know about, because ignoring them will give you food poisoning.

A Pole on the Bus

If by chance you were late and could not get a seat in the bus, don’t stick to the pole in the bus. Research shows that all the day people follow the same unhygienic way of holding onto the pole that is unhealthy. Next time, if you can’t help touching it, warp a cloth around it, and hold it. You can try to be on time to get a seat and avoid the cause of food poisoning that may transfer from the dirty hands of others.

Lemon Slice in Gin & Tonic

Have you just ordered your G & T drink with lemon slice in it? If yes, then you should review your choice because the slice and the ice in the drink are filthy and handled with no proper care. A recent research has shown that these drinks with lemon slice are not good for health and may cause you food poisoning. Most of the people don’t give a shit using it. But if you’re smart enough you can simply refuse with thanks.

Pre Washed Salad

More the food and salad is prepared and decorated, the more it is touched, means there is greater risk eating them. Bill Marler, a lawyer specializing in food poisoning cases, said “I avoid these like the plague. We’ve gotten so used to the convenience of mass-produced food – bagged salad and boxed salads and precut this and precut that. Convenience is great but sometimes I think it isn’t worth the risk.”
It looks good to wash the salad thoroughly and cut them artistically, but you may be prone to food poising eating them.

Wrist Bands After A Long Time

If you’re wading through the closets and drawers to search your favorite wrist bands for the night party—wait, there is a warning for you. Research shows that if you wear wrist bands after a long time, bacteria and germs could contaminate your hands and cause you food poisoning. If you want to try them at any cost, it’s better to wash them properly or if washing will make them useless, then don’t compromise on your health and get a new one.

Image via urgentcarelocations


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