Did you enjoy chewing gum in your childhood? Even now, I sometime inflate out bubble on a light-gossip mode with friends; I’m not a child. An old saying ‘if you swallow a chewing gum, it will last for about seven years’ has cut short. Dr Lisa Ganjhu told buzzfeed that it pose no serious threat when you swallow it.
It won’t make a long mythical stay in your body; instead it moves into the digestive track like the other foods that are indigestible. It is actually the base of the gum that refuses to digest but it just move to that track and that’s fair.

There is however only one thing that can lead you toward a serious problem, it is when you swallow really, really big piece, (Don’t think for that much big). But the reality is that no one will try to munch in a table-tennis-ball-size gum because it will hardly make a way down the teeth.

There is no reason to swallow a big chunk or a small one, even If you like it, because there is no reason to do that. There is no nutritional value to swallow the gum.

Now that it’s a good-knowing thing, swallow a gum and forget about the 2023 year of possible staying end-date.


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