5 Things To Do Before 7 Am That Will Change Your Life

There are plenty of reasons not to get up early in the morning. But they don’t really need to be true. People, who argue that catching up with the mesmerizing view of dusk is hard and non-productive, forget that successful people all have coded their minds to jump out of the bed when others are asleep.
If you still abhore raving about successful people’s routines and need something factual, below are things you need to do to make a difference in the world.

A Flat 7-Hour or More Sleep

This is the first step to your early morning journey. Plenty of scientific studies have been carried out to prove that an adequate amount of sleep is important to your body. The other things mentioned below will be useless if you opened eyes at four’o clock in the morning that just closed a couple of hours earlier. Early to bed and early to rise may be best fit if a tranquil sleep exceeds seven hours. Get enough sleep; Game of Thrones can be watched later in the day.

Jog in the Morning

Your morning expedition would be of no use if you get back to bed without an arduous physical activity. According to the Centre for Disease Control’s National Health Interview Survey, only one third of the Americans between the age of 25 to 64 years exercise regularly. If your goals are higher and productivity matters to you,  then don’t pack yourself to another sleep session. Start exercising regulary in the morning because it is the best way to be happy, healthy, and smart.

Take A Cold Bath

How taking a cold bath would feel to you if you have never practiced that before? You may think of yourself a muggle to dive in a 57 degree Fahrenheit water pool. But that is a wrong perception. A study of 2007 shows that a cold shower in the morning  treat depression more effectively than perscribed medicines.Not only that, but it increases weight-loss because of a high rate metabolism. A happy life is the result if you no more turn the hot water tap to procrastinate the chilled shower for tommorow – that won’t come.

Get Something to Read

Productive people get up early in the morning – when others are asleep. They read something worthy. Mornings are mind-friendly. Your mind is in a mode that picks up things quickly. And when you need to pick something, reading is the best way to opt for. Ordinary people seek entertainment while extra-ordinary people seek education and learning new things. Do you want to be the next on erudite people’s list? Read for 15-30 minutes in the morning. You can also listen to audio books and articles. Everything is at your fingertip, no excuse.

Workout on your Future Goals

Managed to get up early in the morning? Cool! It’s time to review your long term and short term goals. If you haven’t had written them before, it’s never been so late. Write them, and everytime you’re up in the wee hours of morning. Just give it a read. Evaluate your progress and don’t hold back. Spare few minutes for this important project. At the end, you will not need to hunch over the chair to become a quirky recluse; you’ll find yourself at ease.
“The world belongs to those who gets up early – up to the minute while others don’t wake up either.” – Jules Renard

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