Don’t Be Panic If You Lost That Wedding Ring – Someone Will Help You

Are you afraid to snorkel in Tioman Island wearing your wedding ring? Don’t worry sitting at the beach – just dive in. Because if you lost that ring, there are professionals just a call away from you to help. Spread over 25 countries of the world, these people will wade through beaches, coasts, parks, and underwater to get you back that gifted ring.

Over the course of history, rings have been the most usual and important items to wear. Behind every ring, there is an amazing story – that begins the moment it has gone – which is both emotional and worth writing about. Some rings, that archaeologists come across by chance when they are on their mission, are embellished with antique work. This make them more precious and history-revealing.

Chris Turner, the man who spent years running a metal detecting company in Vancouver, British Columbia, made detective searching website. This online directory is active around the world in six continents – you have to make things working yourself if lost something in Antarctica.

Turner said he just connects professionals with people who flounder there in the coarse time. This is not a referral service. Rates may vary, because it depends upon the nature of the case, and the place where something – of metallic nature – has been lost. But in some cases, these helper may just need your kind smile and a thanks thus charging nothing. Unleafthekraken, a Reddit user, lost his wedding band. He posted about it on Reddit, and someone led him to the directory where he met with a professional. The specialist charged nothing. The user was happy and thankful. There are other detectives who just want to get the travel expenses covered, or a little donation is enough to help you get back the lost ring.

The process is easy and may take minutes, but sometime it is gruesome and the detectives may end up in despair through the whole day. However, the mirth is quite high once the lost ring is found. Richard Browne found roughly 100 rings over the course of his 30 years of professional metal detective career.

Now, as you know someone somewhere will help you, as long as you’re far away from Antarctica, it’s time not to leave your beloved ring safe in the closet or deep in the drawer, just take it out, wear it, and don’t worry about losing it.


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