You Are Being Poisoned—That Is What Your Brain Thinks when You Try Reading In A Car

There are many people—including me—who just can’t read a page in a car. A week ago, I had to rush university for some paper work that was due that day. I started reading As I Lay Dying, and in the next moment I quit—I felt nauseous. This is not the first time I had that same feeling; it is that way from a long time. Now here is the reason why you stop hunching over the seat to give a read to the next chapter of your favorite novel, and feel sick.

Neuro Scientist and Doctor Neil Burnet, in an interview with NPR, said that it all starts with the part of your brain responsible for interpreting sensory signals—thalamus. When we are moving in a car, walking, or running, brain gets the signals that we are in motion and everything goes smooth. You won’t feel anything bad, but everything changes when someone starts reading. Brain gets signals that although the body is in motion, yet the eyes are still (Your eyes are focused on the intellectual writings, right!).

This disturbs the brain and it may come up with a reason “oh! What’s going on, there are signals of both rest and motion, let’s get away with it.” The Brain poses it as a risk – it thinks someone has poisoned the body. And the next moment, it feels you nauseous to spit the poison out.

Feeling sick while in car is not what everyone experience. Some people are fine with reading a dozen of pages before they pulled up at the station. The reaction of reading in a car may be stronger to some people and it may be just uneasy to some others. That whole thing depends on the person’s brain, and how it executes the poison idea.

So, don’t confuse your mind if you’re the one with same history like me. Because it will eventually feel you sick and you will end up in a bad mood.


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