What To Do If You Can’t Come Up With An Article Idea

“This happens – and as a result you should sit back, take a few sips of your coffee and get back to the chair. Waow! You have got an idea.” Some people would say. But this is not the case. Ideas won’t flow that gently down your numbed intellect (numbed for a while). You have to brainstorm. Make the best use of your available resources, and so on.

A week ago, I was striving hard for about three days (don’t count it striving for every minute of a day) to get something worth writing about. But the problem was: What to write about? When you have that blank screen syndrome (or blank page syndrome) your mind shifts with the thoughts of:

“No, I’m not writing about the new NASA findings, this article is stuffed with details that are difficult to scribble down.”

You may have something very same, or a completely different attitude toward “not to writing.” But does that reall matters? When you can’t write for a while, the excuse could be duping you. You may end up with a “genuine excuse” to skip the today’s writing task. And so that matters, because you’re procrastinating things. And a fix is good to let you never happen it again.

After that couple of days, I learnt to write about the things that I love, and how to wade through the chore of searching it. And so, I came up with a very sophisticated way to find things that won’t leave you when you need them – when you need writing.

Latest On Internet

If you daily give Washington Post a read, or the recent livescience’s strange news drive you – you’re lucky to have a sneak peak of how things work there.
Websites like Mashable, livescience, Huffington Posts, avirolhog and  are just to name a few. They have many same articles ideas. For example, the livescience posted an article about a “new skelelton of a strang shape is of dinosaur.” Head toward Washington Post and you will find the same article with a heading as : “Dinosaurs’ Skelton is different than what we believed before.” Want a deeper dig? Rave about this topic with Google. Yes, Google would shove thousands of pages generated in seconds. Hover your curser to the “news” and there will be more than just two websites, claiming that their contents are not a worth piece of shit. Get through a couple of them, give it a read and chug. You have a topic.

Go Around Talk To Someone

Okay, you may be thinking it’s the same as sipping coffee. But it’s not. When you hang around with someone, your mind spurrs the ideas. It is not just the scratching of surface; you will plunge into the abyss.
Talking to each others (about something that people would say, “adeeb da – they both are intellects”), you get ideas. Your mind try to catch new things. And you would say, so what if what he’s talking about is the other way round. Again! You won. Just write that idea down and whenever you’re in your writing comfort zone, churn out the best one. You would love to make things working this way.

Keep A Pad With You

Are you afraid to lose any idea down the way when you come up with one? It happens to the best of us. And there is a good way to save your best idea for the time to come. Just favor yourself by buying a small pad and keep it with you. Next time when anything clicks in your mind jott it down – don’t rely solely on your memory for that.

If You think we’re living in 21st century and everything is digitalized. You’re right! Your smart phone can do anything like saving your precious nugget. There are tons of apps out there to help you through this. Right now, I’m writing this article through Power Writer – an Android Application for writing. And this works perfectly.

Starting at blank screen is hard – it’s something that almost everywriter experience. But the point is to slip through it and write continuously; write the best, and write alot.


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