This 81-Year-Old Man Knows How To Fight With A Bull

Talk to someone about Spain, and those insane people (may be not insane for the Spanish) strolling in the streets with the bulls, falling, fighting, and getting injured, will come to the mind. And the people daring to jump into the fighting streets are young. But in New Zealand, here comes an 81-year-old man who gets into the pasture and fights with a bull.

The old man, along with his son, noticed that their vehicle standing in a fenced paddock was being banged by a Bovine. They tried to shoo it but it turned out to be wild. No one dared to enter the fence but at last the 81-year-old man, who could hardly managed to enter, positioned like a veteran Spanish bull fighter. And he only had an empty bottle and a hat which he hurled at the animal.

His son kept crying to get out of there because it could kill him but the old man ignored everything and start fighting with the bull. Konia filmed the whole scene while also shouting at his father to get into the car or come back.

At last, the bull retreated and the Old man returned safe to his son. Had the old man not fought, the animal could have damaged their car – he saved the car from being scratched.

Konia, the son of the old man, told One News Now that his father, Mac, spent most of his time on a farm and so he had no intentions to retreat against the bull.

Here is the clip Konia filmed, while his father fighting the bull.


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